Our Plan of Action:
A Sevenfold Vision

1. To communicate with pastors, teachers and ministry leaders, informing them of our free poetic resource

2. To provide free programming through public service announcements on Christian radio and in print media,

3. To develop and distribute video Public Service announcements to Christian TV stations that promote our website and ministries,

4. To supply free audio books of Christian poetry to residential facilities for the blind and elderly,

5. To actively form local chapters where Christian poets can meet face to face for fellowship and local ministry,

6. To enhance our current Internet outreach ministries with special workshops and other educational encounters, and

7. To produce, publish, and distribute Musical Poetry anthologies around the world.

The following are benefits given to members of the Fellowship of Christian Poets. We hope that you will join us in this worldwide Christian ministry.

Guaranteed Acceptance . . . Members are guaranteed publication of 52 poems per year, one per week, in the Library of Poetic Expression (all poems are subject to editorial review for acceptance and may be rejected with a request to edit existing submission or to resubmit a new poem). Poets may also submit one poem per contest in addition to the one per week allotment..

All Members must follow published guidelines for submitting poetry as shown on the FOCP web-site.

  1. All poems submitted will be critiqued, if deemed necessary, by the poetry editors.
  2. All submissions that are Biblically sound will be entered into the library.
  3. Poems that are Biblically unsound or poorly written, as per the discretion of poetry editors, will be returned with either a request for revision or a request for a new submission.

New Poetry Monthly Showcase . . .  Each month, memberís poetry will be showcased in a special "easy to find" clickable file that can be viewed separately from the library.

Anthologies . . . Members' poems will automatically be accepted in any Anthology published by FOCP (the right to request either the revision of original poem or the submission of a different poem for inclusion in anthologies is reserved by editors or founders of this Fellowship as stipulated in our guidelines.)

Unlimited Web-Site Access . . . Free access to the FOCP website activities and features such as Special Workshops, Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, Electronic Greeting Cards, Newsletter, Library, Anthologies, etc.

Special Discounts . . . 

Members will receive a 50% discount off the cost of production for the "Poet's Profile"--photo, 10 poems and brief bio--(to remain on the web-site, without additional cost until Jesus comes).

Free Link . . . Members with websites that are filled with 75% or more of Christian poetry are eligible for a link to the FOCP site (other qualifications may exist depending upon a website review by the founders).

Special Updates . . . Members will be kept informed via special updates from time to time.


since 2/28/06!