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Dear Christian Poets, Poetry lovers and Friends,

Our Fellowship is alive and well. We're hearing from Poets and Poetry Lovers from all around the world.

Please pray with us about becoming a "Financial Partner". Your love for Jesus and your gifting as a Christian Poet, or your love for poetry should be enough to convince you that this ministry is worth your financial support. But just in case it is not, here are a few more reasons why you should partner with us:

  1. Our "Ministry" is to Poets who seek to share their gifting as a blessing to others, to Pastors and Teachers who are looking for poems, and to Poetry Lovers who love the Lord.

  2. Our "Focus" is on up-lifting poetry that will bless the lives of those that visit our site, receive a poem in the mail, or read an anthology.

  3. Our "Direction" is to Educate, Encourage, and Engage Christian Poets in the "How To" and the "What To Do" with their unique gifting from God.

  4. Our "Purpose" is to "Put Poetry in Motion through Love and Devotion" as a witness to the Love and Mercy of God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ.

  5. Our "Strength" is in a Gathering of Poets from all denominations that are dedicated to their gifting, committed to the Lord, and ready to become a blessing to others through a joint effort.

  6. Our "Desire" is to be a Poetic Voice crying in the wilderness, and pointing the way to Eternal Life and Peace with God through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

  7. Our "Goals" are: (1.) To Maintain an ongoing Library of Christian Poetry for use in the Gospel Ministry of others, (2.) To Provide an ongoing forum for Christian Poets to express their gifting, (3.) To Unite Christian Poets from around the world for an "End Times" ministry of love, (4.) To Lead the way in witnessing through poetry by and through a "Fellowship of Christian Poets".

  8. Our "Hope" For the Future is to form local chapters where poets can gather for Fellowship, Encouragement and an Exchange of Ideas, To establish a "Dial-a-Poem" 800 number with daily poems, To sponsor Christian Poetry in the Christian school systems of America and other Countries, To Publish annual Anthologies, Calendars, Book Marks, Greeting Cards, Posters, Poetic Tracts & other Poetic literature, To implement a direct mail campaign of Salvation poems in a residential Mass Mailing Effort, To increase timely articles and other informational activity on the internet, To offer on-line workshops and question and answer sessions, To conduct Book Reviews, and Lots more.

Yes, the "Fellowship of Christian Poets" is alive and well because you are a part of it, you and many others like you who have a heart for God and a love for poetry. Please consider partnering with us to bless the world.

Here's how you can help -- E-mail me with your pledge. You can pledge "One Time", or commit to a "Monthly" offering. My private E-mail address is:".You may wish to participate in the "Poets Profile, a special section on our site that Profiles you and your poetry. It includes a color photo, a 250-word bio, and 10 poems with a link to your site if applicable. The cost is: a one time set up fee of $60.

All donations should be made to Marinelli Ministries and are tax deductible under our US 501 C-3 non-profit exemption status.

Send your E-mail pledge today then your donation to PO Box 93345, Lakeland, FL 33804.

God Bless you for Visiting our site, Sharing your poems, and Financially supporting this ministry.

Yours in Christ's Love,

Rev John Marinelli
Co Founder

since 2/28/06!

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