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Calling all Christian poets!

Now you and your poetry can be showcased as a part of the on going poetic ministry of "The Fellowship of Christian Poets" like these. That's right, we want to call attention to as many poets as possible in an on going "Poet's Profile" that will showcase God's poetic gifting in these last days. Click for more details

Click each poet's photo for more details!

Debra Isenbletter

Richard Mattock

Ruth Wallace

John Ferris

Joyce Griffin

Gary Smith



Here's how it works: Send us your best poetry, your top 10 poems, with a 250 word bio and a color photo of yourself, along with a one time $35 set up fee. You will join other poets in profile, where you and your best poems can be a blessing to every visitor.

The poets showcased on this page will give you a preview of what your profile will look like. We will also provide a link to your home page so visitors can come directly to you from your profile.   Come, join us in putting "Poetry in Motion Through Love and Devotion". E-mail your poems and bio to us with a heading "For the Poet's Profile Section" Then drop your photo and $35 check in the mail to PO Box 831413 Ocala Fl 34483.. Once we have your materials, we'll e-mail you with an approximate posting date.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a blessing to others. God's gifting in you must be shared in order to complete His purpose in giving you the gift in the first place. Why not share it through "The Fellowship of Christian Poets," a not-for profit poetic ministry of love?

Enjoy the Poets in Profile and their poetry as this section grows.

since 2/28/06!
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