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Our "Gallery of Poems" is an ongoing collection of Christian Poetry. We have chosen to present it in a library format where viewers can select by specific categories. To select a category, scroll to the end of this page and select the category of your choice. May the lord bless you richly as you experience the inspiration of our authors.

This library is designed to help pastors, church leaders and poetry lovers to find good Christian poems for all occasions.

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The Christianpoets.com website is protected under United States Copyright Laws, The Berne Convention For the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. All copyright is reserved to individual poets for the poetry that appears on this website. Individual members allow The Fellowship of Christian Poets to publish their work for the purpose of Christian ministry.

Participating poets have given expressed permission to print their poems off this website for non-commercial use only , in bulletins, newsletters, sermons, and for sharing with family and friends. However, reprinting for resale or profit, in any form, is strictly prohibited without written authorization from the individual author.

We also ask that notification be sent when an author's poem is used. Your notice will bless and encourage God's poets, as they seek to bless and encourage lives through this worldwide ministry of love.

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Please E-Mail us and let us know which poem(s) you select and where you used them so we can tell the author(s).

Put Your Poetry In Motion - By Sharing It With Others

If you would like to be included in this library collection, we invite you to become a member of the Fellowship of Christian Poets! Your gift of poetry will become a blessing to many of the over 50,000 visitors per year that currently visit our website. Click here to find out more of the benefits of becoming a member.

To all poets: Beware of companies that offer CD production and marketing. There are those that will ask for payment and delay production indefinitely or promise marketing to Christian Bookstores and never deliver. You may even be approached to invest in a promotion that will reward you with high profits. From such, turn away. If you are in doubt or have concerns, e-mail the Founders of this Fellowship at john@christianpoets.com.

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