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Our "Gallery of Poems" is an ongoing collection of Christian Poetry. We have chosen to present it in a library format where viewers can select by specific categories. To select a category, scroll to the end of this page and select the category of your choice. Copyright Notice TheChristianpoets.com website is protected under United States Copyright Laws, The Berne Convention For the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. All copyright is reserved to individual poets for the poetry that appears on this website. Individual members allow The Fellowship of Christian Poets to publish their work for the purpose of Christian ministry.

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Click here to listen to a poem set to music on forgiveness. It's almost five minutes long and well worth your time. The Poem, "Heart of a Queen" is written and produced by Dawn De Vore.
The Story of Jesus In Musical Poetry

This powerful 39 minute CD is a masterful blend of Music, Drama, Poetry and Scripture Readings. You'll hear the Blind Man, Zacchaeus, and other Biblical characters tell about their encounter with Jesus. It is an “Audio Book” and a “Musical CD” all wrapped into one. The story is presented through the eyes of Biblical characters and modern day Christians.


Click here to download a 15 minute one act play, scripted by Marilyn Marinelli. The audio file and the play are free for non commercial use. Authorization to perform the play must be obtained in writing. For additional information and authorization, contact Rev. John Marinelli at john@christianpoets.com.

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