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Public Service Coordinators

We Need Your Help

We are looking for "Public Service Coordinators" who will help us in the following areas:

  1. Be faithful to the tasks assigned to you by the Public Relations Director, so as to accomplish the vision of FOCP
  2. Become an area representative and liaison with all Christian Media, Churches, and other Christian organizations.
  3. Maintain monthly progress reports that keep everyone informed on who & what is happening in your designated area.
  4. Make a few phone calls to the radio stations and religious editors encouraging them to participate in the poem of the month and to write editorial articles about Poets and Poetry.
  5. Pray for GOD'S ANOINTING and help in putting poetry in motion through love and devotion.

If you will help, please e-mail me at:

God Bless,

John Marinelli

since 2/28/06!

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