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Publishing Ideas

Here are some ideas to consider as different ways to use your poetry to be a blessing to others:

  1. Become your own book publisher.
  2. Frame your poetry and sell or offer as special gifts.
  3. Mail as a "Postcard Poem" for Christmas, Birthdays, and special holidays or just for fun to area residents.
  4. Design your own poetry newsletter for family, friends and selected church members.
  5. Make an audio tape for resale or as a gift item.
  6. Start a monthly mailing to the religious editors of local newspapers.
  7. Mail selected poems to key individuals like political figures.
  8. Incorporate your poetry into crafts and participate in local shows.
  9. Send to local radio stations and request free airing as a Public Service Announcement
  10. Mass mail your poem thru Residential Mailers as a witness to the lost.
  11. Have your own "Poetry Party" to display and sell your work.
  12. Put your work on the Internet with a home page of your own.
  13. Book Marks are great gifts and perfect for resale at shows.
  14. Design and frame giant "Poster Poems" for your church or office.
  15. Offer your poetry for church bulletins and newsletters.
  16. Write to Christian newspapers and magazines for guidelines for submission of poems.
  17. Enter every poetry contest you can with an inspirational poem.
  18. Buy "Poet's Marketplace" from a local bookstore ($22.50) and do research.
  19. Call Morris Publishing for an author's Self publishing Guide. (1-800-650-7888) It's free for the asking.
  20. Use your poetry as special occasion greeting cards to family, friends and neighbors.
  21. Use your poetry as "Tracts" to hand out to the lost or troubled Christians.
  22. Publish a daily poetic devotional, spiral bound and indexed by topic.
  23. Design your own annual poetic calendar.

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