Man Food
By John Marinelli


The eBook format makes it easy to download and perfect for continual use. The recipes span breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also seven suggestions on upgrading existing recipes.
Click For More Information   eBook Synopsis


Pulpit Poems
By John Marinelli

Pulpit Poems is designed for pastors and Bible teachers. It is great reference material with over 50 categories that follow the Westminster confession of faith ... Click For More Information


Forever Thoughts:
From The Heart Of God
By John & Marilyn Marinelli

“Based upon more than 30-years walking by Faith and in adoring fellowship with our Lord. This is the best of the best of the Christian Poetic expression…a perfect daily devotional.”  ... Click For More Information



The Art of Writing Christian Poetry
By John Marinelli

The author introduces and defines the term, “Christian Poetry” and explains its expression. It is a beginner’s guide, especially designed to help the novice to discover his or her gifting ... Click For More Information

A Dry And Thirsty Land

By Marilyn Marinelli

Based upon true life experiences - Written from a woman’s perspective. Designed in an easy to read “How To” format - The perfect gift for those who are going through troubled times... Click For More Information
Poems for the Common Man
by Betty Jo Mings

This book is in response to many of Betty's readers, asking her to compile some of her poems in a bound volume.Many have encountered her poetry and have been encouraged and inspired by reading them.... Click For More Information

On Solid Ground
Jo Anne Meekins

If you've ever been at a loss for just the right words to express yourself in a sensitive situation or on a special occasion, ON SOLID GROUND: Inspirational Poetry for All Occasions is the perfect book for you! Click For More Information

Deep and Crisp
By Richard S. Barnett

Here’s a Christmas book to treasure, full of crisp poems of reflection and deep tales about the most wondrous night in history. Priceless for reading to your grandchildren, yet modestly priced for thoughtful gifts... Click For More Information

Poems From My Soul
by William O. Adams

William O. Adams presents poetry that he has written and collected over the last twenty-five years of his life. He has always been very interested in the observance of Christmas and other Christian holidays and has written a number of poems about these observances. Click For More Information

Rhyme Time
By John Marinelli

Rhyme Time is a collection of story poems that were written by John Marinelli, the author, for his children when they were small. That’s been over 25 years ago. The original stories come right out of the imagination of the author, as well as, several true life experiences that prompted him to pen a rhyme... Click For More Information

While I Have My Being
By Michelle Louise Pierre

In 1995, I felt inspired to sit down and stop "giving away to particular individuals'' my poetry - some of which, no doubt, has been lost to me, forever. This particular book, contains 75 poems... Click For More Information

Rhyming Bible Truths
By Betty J Banks

This book is based on the Bible. Each poem is a message of hope, faith and encouragement. Much emphasis is placed on God's relationship with His chosen people the Jews, and His bride the Church. God has blessed me with a yearning to learn, and to apply His inspired Word. My desire is to share the knowledge that the Holy Spirit has taught me; through study, prayer and supplication. Click For More Information

At Evening It Shall Be Light
By John Evans

John is the author of this 170 page poetry collection which was published in 2004. His book also contains 10 additional pages of text related to Christ and Christmas, Bible doctrine, His mother and wife, Joyce’s First Baptist Church Blessings, prayer praise and the tongue. Click For More Information

They Call Him Immanuel,
God With Us
By Audrey Marie

A poem is like a butterfly flutter of the wing... a beautiful thing. Catch a glimpse.. Words alight. Then take flight. Land upon the heart."
Let this beautifully written poetry, interwoven with inspirational photography, upon your heart. Click For More Information

Rekindling God’s Glorious Presence
By Neil Eric Blair

In 1990, I began to be inspired, by a love for Jesus Christ, to write Christian poetry. My friend, who was already an accomplished Christian poet, told me that he had never read more eloquent and beautiful poetry than the poetry I had written and that most were filled with timeless wisdom...Click For More Information

Poems On Some
Parables of Christ
Matt Harris

The book rewinds us back in time to the first century when Christ, through His Parables, revealed and concealed to the world the truths of His eternal kingdom. Truths that are as relevant and poetic in the twenty-first century as they were in the days when Christ first spoke them. Click For More Information


On Solid Ground
Jo Anne Meekins

If you've ever been at a loss for just the right words to express yourself in a sensitive situation or on a special occasion, ON SOLID GROUND: Inspirational Poetry for All Occasions is the perfect book for you! Click For More Information

Audio Books

The Story Of Jesus Audio Book
By Rev John Marinelli & Rev Marilyn Marinelli

The story is presented through the eyes of Biblical characters and modern day Christians.

Our “Audio Book” is designed to be a blessing of encouragement to all who listen to it. It is full of hope, love and powerful imagery that are sure to strengthen one’s faith. It does a superb job of presenting the gospel message in an uncluttered loving way. It is the perfect gift for the saved and unsaved alike. Click For More Information

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