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Deep and Crisp

By Richard S. Barnett

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About the Author

Paperback, 47 pp., WinePress Publishing; © 2000,
ISBN 1-57921-260-3; $5.95 plus $1.50 for postage and handling. Discounts for multiple copies.

Here’s a Christmas book to treasure, full of crisp poems of reflection and deep tales about the most wondrous night in history. Priceless for reading to your grandchildren, yet modestly priced for thoughtful gifts to family and friends.


  • Introduction
  • Glory
  • His Star in the East
  • Silent Night-The Inside Story
  • At the Manger
  • Trag Knows His Master
  • Witness
  • No Room
  • Magnificat
  • The Sparrows Find a Home
  • The Way to Bethlehem

    Order DEEP AND CRISP today from

    Richard S. Barnett,
    103 Overlook Circle, Wimberley, TX 78676;
    tel 512-847-6941;


since 2/28/06!

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