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Thank you for participating in this poetic ministry of love.
May God continue to bless you as you help us put forth poetry in motion through love and devotion.

All poetry should be Biblically sound and Christian in nature. In addition, in order to qualify for special contests, poems should be no longer than 36 lines. Winning poems will be selected by the following criteria:

  1. Originality of expression

  2. Thought content and message

  3. Ability to minister to others

You may submit one poem per week on any subject category, as long as it is a Christian message. You may, in addition to the one per week rule, submit one poem for each of the contest. Total annual submissions should not exceed 58.

Let us know what category you want your poem published under.

Angels, Anger, Bible, Born Again, Encouragement, Faith, Forgiveness, Friendship, Giving, God’s Love, Gossip, Healing, Holy Spirit, Idolatry, Inspirational, Instruction, Jesus, Joy, Love, Lust, Marriage, Mission, Obedience, Patriotism, Peace, Praise, Prayer, Prophetic, Rejection, Repentance, Second Coming, Spiritual Warfare, Stewardship, Sympathy, Temptation, Truth, Unity, Worship



1. Always place the comma (,) and period (.) inside the closing quotation marks.

INCORRECT: "If you love Me", said Jesus, "obey My commandments".
CORRECT: "If you love Me," said Jesus, "obey My commandments."

INCORRECT: The poem's title is "The Blood of Jesus Washes White as Snow".
CORRECT: The poem's title is "The Blood of Jesus Washes White as Snow."

2. Always place the colon (:) and semicolon (;) outside the closing quotation marks.

INCORRECT: The following is a list of musicians who can set to music the poem "Hallelujah, Praise Our God:" Gene Howard, Gil Davis, and Mike Cataro.
CORRECT: The following is a list of musicians who can set to music the poem "Hallelujah, Praise Our God": Gene Howard, Gil Davis, and Mike Cataro.

INCORRECT: Everyone should read John Evan's poem "Diggin' for Dirt on a Sunday;" it tackles the sin of gossip.
CORRECT: Everyone should read John Evan's poem "Diggin' for Dirt on a Sunday"; it tackles the sin of gossip.


1. It is not necessary to capitalize the first word in every line of rhymed poetry, but capitalization can be used whether the word begins a sentence or not.

Even in free verse, you do not have to capitalize the first word in a line if it does not begin a sentence, but you may do so if you prefer.

2. Always capitalize the interjection "O".

3. "O" is not followed by punctuation.

CORRECT: O Lord, I love you.
INCORRECT: O, Lord, I love you.

4. The word oh is capitalized only when it stands at the beginning of a sentence.

CORRECT: Oh, how I love Jesus!
CORRECT: I love you, Jesus, oh, so much!
INCORRECT: I love you, Jesus, Oh, so much!

5. Capitalize the pronouns that refer to Deity--PLEASE!

He, Him, His, My, Mine, Me, You, Your(s), Thine, Thou, Thee

CORRECT: God requires that His children obey Him.
INCORRECT: God requires that his children obey him.

6. Capitalize words and names referring to the Deity--I Am, Mighty God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Almighty, Creator, Comforter, Lord and Savior, the Arm of the Lord, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, the Great Shepherd, the Bread of Life, the Light, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Lamb of God, the Lion of Judah . . .

7. Capitalize words referring to Scripture--the Word of God, the Word, the Book of Life, the Book of Knowledge, the Bible, Holy Scripture, Holy Bible, the Word of Truth, the Truth . . .

8. Capitalize religious term--The Fall, the Crucifixion, the Atonement, the Beatitudes, the Resurrection, and so forth.

Usage for IT'S, ITS, AND I

1. It's is a contraction—two words (it is) which became one.

CORRECT: It's a nice day. (You are saying: It is a nice day.)
INCORRECT: Its a nice day.

2. Its is a possessive pronoun which shows ownership.

CORRECT: The dog is chasing its tail.
INCORRECT: The dog is chasing it's tail.

3. Always capitalize the pronoun "I".

CORRECT: You and I are one.
INCORRECT: You and i are one.


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